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VIN-PART-TAG - 4 individual VIN-Stickers 911 and 964

  • These adhesives are usually found only on pristine vehicles on various car-parts: one sticker at the doorjamb passenger side, one on front and engine covers and one sticker on the driver's door. Sometimes also on back of speedo and on engineparts. - This custom VIN-Sticker was used on later Carrera 3.2 to 1989 (unmolest Speedsters often show them) and the Porsche 964 series. No special part number.

    Supplied as a block of four adhesives with the individual chassis number of the car and corresponding in color and material to the original in unused condition. Any removal attemp will destroy these stickers.

    To brighten up collector vehicles these individual stickers can be adapted to any RoW (Rest of World) car! (eg. verification of the aluminum bonnet in 964 Carrera RS)


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