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Option sticker - Vehicle data carrier

 In addition to numerous standard stickers, each Porsche also includes a number of individual ID stickers, which can be found on the Porsche 911, for example under the front hood and in the service booklet. These paper stickers, also called M-code stickers or option stickers, show the vehicle-specific identification features of the new car.

In addition, there are individual colour-ident-adhesives, barcode stickers that identify the vehicle on the production line and type plates specific for many countries. In the course of a vehicle's life, some of these stickers are no longer with the vehicle for various possible reasons.

However, owners, sellers and buyers of vintage cars and classics to come, the best possible approach to the original condition is increasingly important.

What is the use of the most elaborate restoration if the details are "sloppy"?

Also with re-import vehicles the necessary stickers are often missing and are replaced with incorrect standard signs or even pasted over with other contents to receive an approval.
All of these one-time stickers are no longer available from the Porsche factory, Porsche Classic or the Porsche centers.

open-S can offer owners of Porsche vehicles and those who want to convince themselves of the correctness and originality before buying a vehicle a reliable and inexpensive expertise about the correctness and the contents of their stickers on the vehicle or in the service book.


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