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Compliance sticker

VIN plate

With a few exceptions, each vehicle to be placed on the market requires an individual type plate showing the chassis number, the designation of the operating licence and individual weights and axle loads. Over the changing series these signs were manufactured from different materials and always irreversibly attached. Attempts to remove or manipulate these labels are destroyed.

Some export countries have their individual design, others take over the design of the manufacturing country and few countries such as Japan do not require a type plate at all.

Reimported vehicles must then be fitted with a type plate for registration, which is usually done, for example, by the TÜV with a simple adhesive plate. The same applies to repainting / repainting of the vehicle since the use of non-destructively removable adhesive labels in the doorway.

Vehicle owners whose demands on a collector's vehicle are not met can obtain a solution from open-S that corresponds to the production time of the vehicle. The manufacturer only has signs available that correspond to the latest models, if at all.

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